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Working with broadcasters and content providers in over 40 countries worldwide

The digitalization of broadcast and TV services is presenting equipment manufacturers and content providers with numerous new challenges. TV content is transmitted via multiple means and received by a wide range of devices, including conventional set-top boxes, Smart TVs, PCs and mobile phones. As a result, the associated equipment testing and monitoring processes have become increasingly more complex and time-consuming.

Our DTV testing and monitoring solutions allow you to automate many of the routine and repetitive testing processes, freeing up your development and test engineers to concentrate on more complex tasks.

RedRat testing and monitoring systems

Centre to all our testing and monitoring solutions is our plug-in IR technology, which can be standalone or network-based, depending on your requirements or configurations.

Our IR devices enable you to control and monitor TV Set-top Boxes and AV displays directly from your PC. They can be configured to operate your equipment, perform repeat tasks on banks of equipment, simulate user interaction and run lengthy and repetitive sets of test sequences.

RedRat TV testing and monitoring software

All our products are supplied with our open standard software – TestManager – developed in conjunction with the BBC.

TestManager includes a number of free applications, so users can quickly create sets of remote control operations, schedule tasks, access on-screen remote controls and integrate infrared remote control functionality with third-party web servers or in-house testing programmes.

TestManager can also be used to control banks of equipment such as Set-top Box farms, providing the advanced control functionality needed for large-scale testing operations.

Bespoke applications

RedRat components and associated software can be integrated into existing testing and control facilities using our SDK, speeding up overall development and time-to-market processes.

We are also able to efficiently develop purpose-built applications for situations where such work is difficult to resource using in-house engineering teams.

Interactive TV services

The majority of interactive TV services and games are designed, developed and tested using conventional PCs. At a certain point in the development process, it becomes necessary to replicate an authentic “living room” experience by using a remote control to operate the service instead of a PC.

Using RedRat3 devices, you can test the functionality of your services and applications via a remote control instead of a mouse or keyboard. See our resource library to find out which remote controls we currently support.

Many interactive TV preview tools already incorporate RedRat technology and our software can also be used to set up mappings from remote control buttons to program actions.

Consumer Electronics

Testing consumer electronics with standalone or network-based RedRat products

RedRat products are widely used to test and commission consumer electronics equipment. Using a RedRat3 or an iRNetBox, you can replicate remote control usage for different products such as home security, home entertainment, or home automation systems.

Consumer electronics testing applications

•  Setting up and recording remote control signal sequences

•  Integrating remote control sequence outputs with current test systems

•  Using TestManager to create and manage test scripts

RedRat devices and associated applications have been integrated seamlessly with a number of third-party consumer device testing products including:

stormtest_logo_sml2An automated Set-top Box (STB) test and analysis system that removes the need for time-consuming, expensive and error-prone manual testing and replaces it with a more accurate and cost-effective alternative.

stb-testerAn open-source system for automated black-box testing of Set-top Boxes and similar consumer electronics devices.

Assistive Technology

RedRat technology is used in some leading assistive technology products.

If you are looking to incorporate infrared remote control functionality into a product or system, then we would be pleased to discuss how we can help. Our input could be as simple as giving some advice or consultancy, or perhaps licensing some RedRat IP could accelerate your project. If you need actual hardware but our off-the-shelf products are not suitable, then we are able develop custom, project specific hardware and software.

PC Based Multimedia

Advances in DTV transmission and home cinema systems have transformed our viewing habits and we are no longer limited to conventional TVs to watch our favourite programmes.

However, watching TV on a PC or laptop involves using mouse and keyboard, resulting in a “sit-forward” experience rather than the more comfortable “sit-back” viewing we’ve grown accustomed to.

A RedRat3, combined with our RedRat Control software allows you to operate your PC with a remote control instead of a keyboard and mouse. (Note: We do not provide the remote control itself, but most standard remote controls should work with this setup.)

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