RedRat3 Command Line Utility

This is a very simple application for command line input and output of IR signals via the RedRat. It is written in C#, so requires the .NET framework to be installed.

The source code is also available in the samples .NET solution – please see the SDK information. The executable can be downloaded here (zip)- just unpack in a directory to use.

Usage: RR_CLI <RedRat3 name> <options>

Options are:
-blink Blinks the red LED.
-capture filename Captures signal and stores in file <filename>.
-output filename Outputs a signal stored in file <filename>.
-print Prints the IR signal data when output.
-device devicename Specifies the device to use when working with an xml signal database. (Use -output to set the file.)
-signal signalname Specifies the signal to use when working with an xml signal database or xml device file. (Use -output to set the file.)



  • RedRat3s are named as RedRat3-0, RedRat3-1 etc. (or the friendly location name from V1.6 onwards).
  • The program is faster when binary storage is used due to the time taken to load the XML .NET assemblies.
  • Signal XML files can also be exported from the Signal database utility for use with RR_CLI.
  • Signals can be loaded from full XML data files (V3.01 onwards).
  • If the filename extension xml is used for the capture and output options it will write/read the file in xml format, otherwise use binary format (from V3.01 onwards).


  • RR_CLI.exe RedRat-0 -output test.xml – outputs the IR signal stored in the file test.xml.
  • RR_CLI.exe RedRat-0 -capture test.dat – captures an IR signal and stores in the file test.dat in binary format.
  • RR_CLI.exe RedRat-0 -output devicedb.xml -device “Sky Digibox” -signal 1 – Outputs the IR signal ‘1’ for a Sky Digibox which is read from the file devicedb.xml.
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