We now have a new Software Suite which enables you to download and easily install multiple applications. This also contains The RedRat-X driver and various documentation.

Our Windows software is based on the .NET Framework – already preloaded on most PCs – but if not, it can be installed via a Windows Update or downloaded directly from the Microsoft .NET website.

The .NET version you will need will depend which RedRat application you are using and its software version – (see below to find out more)

The following software is included as standard with all our products:

IR Signal Database Utility

  • Used to create, view and validate IR signal databases.
  • Signal datasets can be created from your remote handsets, downloaded from our website, exchanged and stored for use in other applications.
  • Click here to find out more

RedRat Scheduler

  • Used to schedule IR output events, such as program recording, turning equipment on/off etc.
  • Scheduler also supports the construction of complex events using the macro editor.
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RedRat Control

  • Used to control PC applications with a remote control. It can also be used in applications that need a means to output IR signals, such as web servers, PVR software etc.
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RedRat3 Command Line Utility

RedRat Device Manager

RedRat Hub

  • Used to support multiplexing of commands to the irNetBox. Commands to output IR signals are straightforward and can be used as part of a scripting infrastructure. Only one PC can be used to control the IRNetBox for security purposes.
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux OS
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  • TestManager is a comprehensive software application developed specifically for testing consumer electronics (CE), broadcast and digital TV services.
  • Tests can be scaled from a single device to many banks of equipment using any combination and number of RedRat3s and irNetBoxes.
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RedRat Applications and .NET Framework Versions

  • Application versions 2.X use the .NET Framework V2.0
  • Application versions 3.X use the .NET Framework V3.5
  • Application versions 4.X use the .NET Framework V4.5


Two options are available if you are using Linux OS to operate RedRat devices:


This is the standard Linux IR control system that supports many IR transceivers including RedRat devices. Although it is used primarily to facilitate control of your Linux PC via an IR remote handset, it can also be used to output IR signals.

Version details and further instructions are available here.

2. IR Tools

We have developed a couple of applications that are based on aspects of the LIRC open source package , but provides more basic and direct control of RedRat3 devices:

  • irinput: Inputs IR signals either via the wideband, learning IR receiver or the long range remote control receiver
  • iroutput: Outputs IR signals

More information and code is available here.

Third Party Integration


stb-tester is an open-source video-capture record/playback system for automated testing of set-top boxes and similar devices. It supports the RedRat3 and the irNetBox II and III.

Melloware Intelliremote

Intelliremote is a software program that gives you complete remote control of your Home Theater PC using an infrared or radio frequency remote.

RedRat Tuner for SnapStream Beyond TV

This is a freeware Tuner plug-in for Snapstream Beyond TV which allows you to control a set-top box using a RedRat3.

SkyTune Utility

SkyTune, a simple utility to allow set top boxes to be tuned from your PC. This allows programs such as Showshifter to support set top boxes such as Sky using a RedRat3.

RedRat SDK

The RedRat SDK is intended for the development of applications based on RedRat technology or to support its integration into third party systems. The SDK supports irNetBox and RedRat3 using .NET on Windows OS and irNetBox using Mono on Linux (from V3.04 onwards).

Windows Prerequisites

  • The .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher.
  • RedRat.dll – download
  • RedRat hardware. This is actually optional, but only minimal testing will be possible without hardware.

Using the SDK

Reference the file RedRat.dll in your .NET project to access its API. Several sample projects show the basics of using RedRat devices. Sample .NET Code (C#, VB.NET, VC++) Download (zip)

  • RedRatXDemo: Example code for using the RedRat-X device.
  • SimpleSignalOutput: Shows how to find a USB RedRat3 device, load an IR signal database file and output a signal from this file via the RedRat3
  • RR_CLI: A command line program for the output of IR signals, described in more detail here
  • SignalDecoding: Demonstrates the code needed to handle input IR signals from the RC detector on a RedRat3, decode them and perform an action as a result. In this case, a small window is moved around the screen using cursor keys on a remote control.
  • CustomSignal: shows how to construct a couple of IR signals, and then save them in the standard Signal DB Utility XML file format so that you can load them into the Signal DB Utility for further use.
  • irNetBox-III-Demo: Shows how to output IR signals via the irNetBox-III. This uses both the old synchronous API (sending one signal at a time, which is applicable to older irNetBox versions) and the new asynchronous API which supports sending multiple, different IR signals from the MK-III irNetBox.
  • VB-Net-Sample: A small VB.NET application that tests many RedRat3 functions to show API use with VB.NET.
  • VC++_NET_Sample: Shows use of the RedRat API using managed VC++.


Take a look at various code snippets giving an introduction to using the SDK.

Change History

You can find information on the SDK change history here.

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