The RedRat-X is our latest compact USB-based remote control input/output device that gives IR remote control capabilities to a PC. It supports both Bluetooth & RF4CE with the addition of one of our RF Modules.

Like its predecessor the RedRat3, the RedRat-X can be connected to a computer via USB and comes with a built-in IR blaster and two receivers. One of the benefits the RedRat-X has over the RedRat3 is the capability to independently control 3 devices through the addition of the 3 IR jack output ports. To utilise these ports you will need to purchase IR emitters which are available from our online store.

Product Features

  • Multicolour indicator/feedback LEDs
  • High Powered IR Blaster
  • Curved gloss black façade
  • USB Connection (power & comms)
  • Ethernet Socket
  • 3 independently controllable IR ports (Additional IR Flashers required)
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Fully compliant with appropriate CE and FCC electromagnetic regulations. (Test certification is available on request)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Comprehensive SDK available for Windows and some Linux support

Bluetooth & RF4CE

  • Add on modules for the RedRat-X
  • These allow the X to be configured to control TVs and STBs via Bluetooth or RF4CE
  • A Module is easily fitted into the unit as shown in the adjacent image
  • Please contact RedRat first to ensure that your TV/STB is supported




If the RedRat-X is connected to a computer via USB, it will be powered directly from the computer. Alternatively, if connecting to the RedRat-X via its network connection, then an external power supply will be needed to power the device via its USB port. The power supply we provide has been tested with the RedRat-X to ensure that it meets all CE and FCC standards.

View the RedRat-X User Guide (PDF)

View the RedRat-X Integration Guide (PDF)

irNetBox IV

Updated and improved, the fourth generation of RedRat’s flagship IR controller, providing independent control of up to 16 different audio-visual devices, such as TV’s and set-top boxes.


OLED Display & Navigation Key Panel

The irNetBox IV features a built-in OLED display and navigation panel to simplify its installation and management on customer networks. The display can also be configured to display client-specific testing information, such as the type, frequency or duration of tests being conducted. The all new menu navigation key panel allows the user to control the irNetBox without having to access software via a computer.

Real Time Clock

The addition of a real-time clock enables autonomous testing functionality directly from the device itself.

Power over Ethernet

PoE allows the device to be connected for network and power with just one lead (Router/Modem must be PoE compatible)

Fully Compatible

The new irNetBox IV is fully compatible with all other RedRat products including the latest version of Test Manager (a software tool developed specifically for DTV testing processes) with enhanced Python-based scripting.

Other Features Include

19 inch rack mountable case, extended API capabilities, RoHS and FCC compliant.

We are now taking orders for the irNetBox IV if you are interested in placing an order please email us at

View the Technical Specifications of the irNetBox IV (PDF)

View the irNetBox IV User Guide (PDF)

irNetBox IV Firmware Change History

RF Module Evaluation Kit

RF technology is being increasingly used to control TV set top boxes and to facilitate interactive TV applications and, according to industry estimates, almost 50% of TV and set-top box remote controls currently coming on to the market are RF based.

RF Module Evaluation Kit


Our new evaluation kit for RF4CE and Bluetooth testing includes the necessary components and software needed to enable set top box and consumer electronics manufacturers to incorporate RF testing scripts into their standard processes for evaluation purposes prior to moving to a mixed or totally RF testing environment.

The kit comprises:

  • USB Module Adaptor – with modules for either Bluetooth (Classic and Low Energy) or RF4CE
  • Evaluation software, associated scripting tools and APIs.
  • Technical support from the RedRat RF development team

The module adaptors can be plugged into a PC or laptop via USB, and are supported on Windows and Linux operating systems. Mac compatible testing evaluation kits are available on request.

Using the RF module evaluation kit, set top box manufacturers can start to explore the issues around automated STB control via RF protocols, such as pairing with multiple STBs, the impact of interference in a test facility and how rapidly commands can be sent.

The kit is intended for QA testers and managers working in the set top box manufacturer and consumer electronics industries.

if you are interested in placing an order please email us at



If you want to incorporate infrared I/O capabilities into your existing systems and processes please get in touch as we would welcome the opportunity to discuss possibilities with you. It is often much more cost effective and practical to make use of established and proven technology rather than developing an application from scratch. We can offer support and advice to your internal teams, manufacture purpose-built IR applications based on RedRat products, or develop bespoke hardware on your behalf, depending on your requirements.

Our OEM services include:

  • Licensing RedRat technology for your own product range
  • Custom hardware design
  • Rapid software development based on RedRat devices.
  • Component white labelling
  • Developing specific designs and applications based on RedRat technology
  • Developing bespoke remote control devices

Discontinued Products


The RedRat3-II is a USB-based remote control input/output device that gives IR remote control capabilities to a PC. It includes Windows drivers and a software development kit (SDK) so that our hardware can be integrated into your own applications via a .NET API. We also provide a number of applications so you can quickly set up and manage your own automated testing and monitoring programmes.

Product Features

  • USB powered – no external power supply needed
  • Comprises two independent IR detectors:
    • Long range for control of your PC by remote
    • Short range for accurate IR signal “learning” from your own remotes
  • High powered IR output – range greater than 10m
  • Upgradable firmware
  • 3m USB cable
  • Fully compliant with appropriate CE and FCC electromagnetic regulations. (Test certification is available on request)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Comprehensive SDK available for Windows and some Linux support

Supported Software

  • Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8.X
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or greater (usually pre-installed on Windows PCs).
  • We support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista 7 and 8.X.
  • Linux: A device driver and LIRC code is available for the RedRat3 and Redrat3-II


  • PC control by IR
  • Proof of concept and technology testing prior to purchasing IR NetBox
  • Small scale STB or Smart-TV testing
  • Assistive technology control

irNetBox III

The irNetBox-III is a networked unit that allows you to control multiple AV devices via external IR emitter leads. It uses a simple and open TCP/IP based communication protocol so can be used by applications on most platforms. The irNetBox-III is now discontinued, to see the new and more powerful version of this product please click here.


Product features

  • 16 independent IR outputs that can be used concurrently or in any combination
  • 100 different power output levels for all IR outputs
  • Front panel indicator LEDs
  • IR detector facilities for capturing IR signals
  • Built-in self-test functionality
  • IR data compatibility with RedRat3
  • Power supply
  • Compatible with most stick-on IR emitter/flasher leads, (we can also supply these)
  • Structured wiring support – a 25-way D-type connector included on the rear panel can be used to attach all IR emitters rather than the single IR output ports
  • Fully compliant with applicable CE and FCC electromagnetic regulations (Test certification is available on request)
  • RoHS compliant


  • RedRat Device Manager – used to install and setup the irNetBox
  • RedRat Device Manager fully supports all other RedRat products and offers Seamless integration with professional third party applications:
    • Farncombe’s OpenTest consumer device testing system (previously MiriATE)
    • StormTest® automatic Set-Top Box (STB) test and analysis system
    • Stb-Tester: an open-source video-capture record/playback system for automated testing of Set-top Boxes


  •  Multimedia control
  • Test facilities for Set-top-Boxes and interactive television services
  • Broadcast monitoring system control

irNetBox Output Speed

This video shows the difference in output speed between the older irNetBox-II (bottom) and the irNetBox-III (top). Each flash of the front indicator LEDs corresponds to the output of a different IR signal, the irNetBox-III being able to reach a throughput of greater than 80 IR signals (depending on IR signal type).

The irNetBox-III is based on the XMOS quad-core XS1-G4, which is capable of delivering up to 1600MIPS.


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