Rat Chat – June 2015

Welcome to Rat Chat  the first edition of our newsletter. Its purpose is to keep you up to date with product development activities, new software releases, firmware updates, support-related information and general company news.

We hope you find it useful and if you have any comments or suggestions for topics you would like covered in future issues, then please send an email to newsletter@redrat.co.uk

I look forward to receiving your feedback,

Chris Dodge 

New offices

We have recently moved into newly renovated offices, designed by Landmark Interiors to accommodate our growing workforce. As well as having a larger production and testing area, it gives our team an open and collaborative working environment – perfect for working on the next generation of RedRat products!

We still have the same business address and all other contact details (other than our new phone number, 01799 520092) remain the same.


New Look

We have also launched a new corporate logo (in preparation for our new product range) and a new company website. The new site is intended to be a useful resource when working with RedRat devices and provide detailed technical information on all products and software. It has been designed to support all browsing environments and over time we will build up a more extensive knowledge base, resource library and example code sections.

We value your opinion and would love to know what you think of our new website, so please send us your feedback.redrat

New Faces

Following a recent period of expansion we thought it would be helpful to introduce our new team members and remind you of everyone’s role at RedRat, so you know the best person to contact with your company or product-related queries.

Dr. Chris Dodge

Chris is the company’s founder and Technical Director. As well as overseeing all technical, customer support and product development activities he also provides consultancy facilities to organisations wanting to integrate RedRat devices into their own testing environment or develop bespoke testing facilities from the ground up.

Vera Dodge

Vera is RedRat’s Financial and Purchasing Director and is the person to contact if you have any invoice or order-related queries.

Jon Power

Jon is our Production Manager and his activities include assembly, programming and testing RedRat devices. He is also involved in product development activities as well as developing and maintaining our website and customer support portal.

Dr. Jason Rawlings

Jason is primarily involved in developing and supporting RedRat’s range of software applications, helping with a new phase of development work to improve reliability, usability and to add support for our new devices. With his recent PhD in Extra-Galactic Physics, he has no problems seeing the bigger picture when it comes to product development.

James Jay

James is the newest member of our development team he is involved primarily in firmware enhancements and low level work needed to research and develop our new product range, including RF4CE and Bluetooth devices.

Dr. Philip Ross

Philip has worked for RedRat as a consultant for several years, following many years of work in Cambridge research labs and start-ups. Utilizing his PhD in parallel architectures for embedded systems, he has been responsible for many developments in the more recent generations of our devices.

Sue Hunt

Sue is our marketing specialist and co-ordinates all our marcomms and PR activities. She is currently compiling a series of client success stories to feature in our resource library, so if you would like to share your experience of using RedRat devices with others then send an email to sue.hunt@redrat.co.uk

Product development

For several years now, RF based remote controls have held the promise of significantly improved user experience when interacting with TVs and STBs. However adoption has been sporadic and slow, until now! The last 12 months have seen a significant increase in RF4CE and BLE (BluetoothLE) remote controls in use, with some remote control handset manufacturers estimating that more than 25% of handsets currently produced are now wireless enabled.

In the light of this, we are undertaking a significant amount of R&D work for new product development to support RF4CE initially and also Bluetooth based control of the latest STBs and SmartTVs.

We expect to have some initial prototypes available for evaluation and testing over the forthcoming weeks.

If you are interested in becoming a beta testing site then please send an email to support@redrat.co.uk

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